since my sister`s birthday is only 6 days after mine, i grew up *sharing* every birthday.

i stopped celebrating a long time ago when i turned 40, because that`s the day i learned my father had terminal cancer. it also ticked my mother off so much that my sister and i went to Montreal on the long weekend in between our birthdays to be with him instead of going to Toronto to be with her (her birthday is 9 days before mine), that we both just said forget it. she wouldn`t send us cards, call, or acknowledge the days.

when i was turning 50 2 years ago, my youngest aunt was coming to visit from Calgary and she *insisted* on a party for me and my youngest uncle - his birthday is 2 weeks after mine and we are the same age. we had a family blow-out at Nana`s cottage.

and when i was at my mom`s on the day of my 50th and she said we`d celebrate my sister`s birthday that day too, i said *no way* - i`m 50 and i`m not sharing that with anyone else!
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