I've had success using KCCC applied to soaking wet hair after CO washing (raking only, no scrunching) and let air dry. My hair is very fine though and KCCC relaxes my curls even with scrunching, because it's too heavy for my hair type. That may be the first thing to try. Find a product too heavy for your hair type that's made for lengthening or loosening curl and make sure your hair is very moisturized. You might also want to apply a heavier oil or conditioner to your soaking wet hair and then the styler on top of that.

I love what curls I have and alternate between using products to enhance the curls and using curl-safe products (like KCCC) to loosen the curls for a different look. It may take some trial and error on your part to find products that work for you. Another thing, my underlayer is naturally straight and only the canopy is curly, so you may have different results depending on your own hair.