I made my third batch of FSG on Sunday with better results than the first two: first went straight into the trash, so thick it wouldn't strain; second was still so thick that it wouldn't spread and most of it ended up on the shower floor. This batch worked better after I adjusted the quantities of water and seeds.

I divided it into two bottles and added a little bit of agave nectar and EVOO to one, and a pinch of mag sulfate to the other. I tired the agave/evoo version today and was thrilled with the results! Nice curls, decent clumping and not-hideous bangs. And then...I stepped out my front door into 85 degrees and 74% humidity. I had an instant frizzball of drooping curls. Did not realize that agave and honey are humectants. Oh well, trial and error, I suppose. Looking forward to trying the mag sulfate version tomorrow.
2C/2B; Med-fine texture, Normal porosity/elasticity, med-thin density; Color treated
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