i tried this today. i wet my palm and sprayed product into it, then emulsified and smoothed over my entire head. then grabbing sections, i twisted/wringed while squeezing. re-wetting my palms with water/spray as needed all over my head. shook my curls, then went out in the heat/humidity.

there is frizz but i expect that (i need to try it when the dews aren't 74). the aloe/glycerin combo really moisturized my hair. the spray has some substance to it, not at all watery like i expected. the scent is strong but dissipates.

my hair was going in a bun due to the heat but i forgot and whilst at the store someone actually stopped me and told me i had pretty hair.

i love this line, too.
3c-4b. probably.
medium/coarse texture.
(extremely)high density.
low porosity, normal elasticity.
co-wash: suave naturals daily clarifying condish with drops of rosemary oil.
detangling conditioner: tresemme naturals.
deep conditioner: curly kinks curlycue renew, b.a.s.k. cacao bark, honey/evoo.