The first time it was my BEST FRIEND. Thnx, you ****.

This time, it was a tenant I evicted who I floated for months when I should have put her immediately. Thnx, you, guntrag.

I can understand if a person suffers a serious medical emergency and is charged hundreds of thousands of dollars for a lifesaving's unforseeable and beyond the financial reach of most people.

But you don't pay your RENT and you're let off the hook?

You borrow money from your friends for living expenses and you just walk away?

I'm sorry, but who the F do these people think they are???

The ***** is literaly propsing to pay me one penny on the dollar for what she owes me...and it's looking like the trustee will allow it.

In total she owes $160,000 and has no assets. But everyone else she owes is a Fortune 500 company. And then me.

Now I have no choice but to go after one of her children.

This bankruptcy stuff is a hustle and the reforms that were enacted a few years back mean nothing.

If you're a small business owner, you need to help get these laws changed.