I wash my hair and scalp with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, though my entire regime includes using coconut cream and argan oil as well. I use 1 part baking soda to 2 parts water. This may not sound heavily diluted, but the baking soda dissolves easily so the mixture will basically feel just like water. I don't go overboard when I apply it to my hair, and I am gentle with it. I focus on spreading it onto my scalp, the I run any excess down my hair with my fingers. After I rinse it off, I use half and half apple cider vinegar and water. I run that through my hair, and let it sit for only about 1-2 minutes. Rinse this well. This has been my regime for about 3 months now. I only recently started adding a coconut cream mask before the shower, and a tiny amount of argan oil afterwards. I used olive oil after my shampoo & conditioner washes before, but I wouldn't recommend using it at first with the baking soda & apple cider vinegar while your hair adjusts. It was probably a mixture of not rinsing the apple cider vinegar mixture properly and using too much olive oil, but the only time I did this in the beginning it left my hair oily for the rest of the night. The improvement to my hair's health using this regime was astonishing, and I will continue to use it, I see no need to ever change it. 3 months in my hair went from being high porosity & damaged, to low-medium porosity, shiny, soft, smooth, more relaxed curls, and virtually tangle & frizz free. Best of all I know I'm not putting any harmful chemicals on my head.
texture: 2c/2b
density: high
porosity: low-medium
width: medium-coarse
regime (x2 weekly coconut cream mask, baking soda cleanse, acv rinse, argan oil leave-in

all-natural hair care since 03/12
growing out pixie cut since
5 inches as of