I swear I can never find the right shade of foundation! Its annoying. What are some easy ways to figure it out. I get my make up from Walmart (I dont want to spend 40 on a little thing of foundation) And there is no natural light and I'm not sure if you can return make up. CVS i know you can but its more expensive there.
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I understand this. And how you can't afford Mac or higher brands. What I do is search the foundation I wanna purchase on youtube and there's tons of reviews of ladies on there, and I find someone who matches my skin tone and see what shade they got. They show it in natural light and show swatches ect. It helps.

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Another way to do this is to get matched at MAC or some other department counter and get a sample of the product(don't forget to write the same down somewhere incase it fades!) they'll usually tell you about your undertones, etc. Then you can take this information and go on youtube/blogs and see if you can find a dupe for the formula and color (thanks to the undertone information you now have) in a drugstore brand.

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