I wasn't sure if this belonged on this board, all-natural hair care, or elsewhere, but I decided on this one since this list has to do with all-natural hair care as well! This is a list of all the homemade, all-natural solutions I use in my home. Basically, for everything. The only thing I'm missing is a homemade cold-water laundry detergent (I'm working on it just have to find the right ingredients!) Another thing you may find missing is a hands/body soap for which we buy bars of African black soap. But check it out!

Toothpaste/Mouthwash (for mouthwash I use a much thinner solution)
Baking soda + water + lemon juice

Baking soda (I sprinkle a little onto a damp cloth and apply)

Baking soda + water + unpasteurized honey (helps prevent acne)

Apple cider vinegar + water (also helps prevent acne)

Face masks
Baking soda + water (paste)
Green tea bags (for eyes)

Hair mask
Coconut cream

Baking soda + water

Apple cider vinegar + water

Argan oil

Dishsoap, sink, bath and tile scrub
Baking soda + water + lemon juice

All-purpose cleaner (counters, etc.)
Apple cider vinegar + water

Dog shampoo
Ground oatmeal + water

Dog ear cleaner
Apple cider vinegar + water
Almond oil (for wax build-up)

Dog foot bath/minor cuts & scrapes (human as well as animal, compressed with a cloth)
Epsom salt + water

I have all my homemade solutions in recycled bottles and containers from other products (things I've collected prior to switching, things from family, etc.) As you can see, I'm a big fan of homemade products! Often I find myself throwing together other solutions as well, such as what I put together recently, a simple ground oatmeal and honey soap to help with my father in-laws eczema. If anyone has any questions at all, don't be afraid to ask! Also, share your experience with homemade products/solutions.
texture: 2c/2b
density: high
porosity: low-medium
width: medium-coarse
regime (x2 weekly coconut cream mask, baking soda cleanse, acv rinse, argan oil leave-in

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