I'm glad that the EVOO is working for you.

The proteiny conditioners that work best for me all contain hydrolyzed keratin - Joico K-Pak, the Sally's generic version of K-Pak, and Curl Junkie Repair Me!. They all have hearty doses of hydrolyzed keratin. The RM formulation is so good that I don't even notice the panthenol, which usually bothers my hair.

My hair tends to go into straw mode with wheat, soy, silk, oats, and most other grains and grass proteins.

I also have a much higher tolerance for protein in high dew points than in low ones. It's been quite humid, so I can use protein with every hair wetting right now. In winter, my hair needs more moisture, and I can go three months with no protein at all. In spring and fall, I use it a couple times a month or so.

Early in this hair care game, I couldn't use any protein at any time. I think I was a year in before I got that hair droop that a protein lack can cause. This was back before hair routines were type based instead of texture and porosity based. Had I known about porous hair back then, I would have worked on moisture retention (yay sealing) instead of copying every 3b trying to find a working routine.

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