I disagree with many of the above posters idea that every girl in high school wishes to look the same. I strongly and most simply believe straight or relaxed hair is simply 'in style' at the present time. This doesn't mean that one girl in high school wants to look more like the straight-haired popular girl; the whole world follows 'trends' at one time or another. During the 50's and 60's it wasn't just high school girls who wanted a full head of curly hair. Beyond that, some girls with curly hair simply wish to have straighter hair for many different reason, including, yes, if it is the latest trend or not, but also things such as what hairstyle they like, which one works best with their facial features, even managebility if they find keeping their natural curls looking decent is too much work. You hear the same story from both sides; girls with curly hair wants straight hair, girls with straight hair want curls. Ladies, don't fool yourself into thinking you're rebellious by wearing your hair different, possibly natural despite everyone else. Friends shouldn't bug you about it, though, in fact it's nobody else's business how you wish to wear your hair, and it goes both ways, what do you care if your curly-haired friend wants to relax her hair? Sure, even she may not know why she's doing it, but you live and you learn, so best just to let these small things slide and enjoy your hair, however you wish to wear it. This coming from a girl who had crazy wiry 'curly' hair all her life, and through the majority of high school, who has only in recent years discovered the secret to keeping her hair healthy and moisturized only to find that she, in fact, has much flatter, wavier hair than she could ever have before imagined! I was so pleased to find that my hair is straighter than I ever thought possible, curly hair just does not suit me, not my facial features, not my personality, not my get-up-and-go lifestyle. It's not that I want to look like anyone else or adhere to anyone else's idea of beauty, it simply suits me and what I want from my hair. Who knows, maybe if I was someone different with a little more time on her hands and a little more patience I would wish for curly hair when I had straight. The nasty rude comments go away when you get out of high school, there's no need to turn around and give them the same. Feel sorry for them that they'll never appreciate nor experience how it feels to have curly hair.
texture: 2c/2b
density: high
porosity: low-medium
width: medium-coarse
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