I have shoulder length fine hair. I seal with 1 (or 2 if it drops real fast!) drop of 100% pure argan oil. I use the John Master's brand from Whole Foods. I have never tried any other types of oils, so I can't compare that. I had done a lot of research and there were so many raves about argan, I figured I'd give that a try. I have had little to no frizz since I started using it. And I live in the same area as KM, so we've had some high dew points. I apply LI first (KCKT) and then put 1 drop of argan oil in my hands and rub them together, then just smooth my hands over the bottom 2/3's of the length of my hair. I totally avoid the roots with the oil. Then I follow with KCCC. I don't over apply any of my products because I prefer a more natural hold and softer feel. I've found that the argan oil absolutely makes my hair feel softer and lighter and certainly seems to help with the frizz. I'm very happy with my hair routine, at least for now!
2Poodles Southeast PA
fine, med porosity, normal elasticity
Currently using the following 2 - 3 x/week:
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day suphate-free Poo, cone-free CO and styling treatment, plus KCCC