Curl Pattern: 2c/3a
Texture: medium
Porosity: medium
Density: thick
Elasticity: low-normal I think
Characteristics: some root wave, relatively easy to straighten, prone to frizz, prone to poofing, face framing 3a curls, rest are 2c waves, curl pattern changes with length, tons of natural volume

CG/ModCG/not CG: CG

Hair ingredient likes: coconut oil, any other oil, some protein, thick conditioners, mousse instead of gel

Hair ingredient dislikes: cones, sulfates, not sure what else (maybe glycerin)

Hard/Soft Water: normal?

HG/Go-to Products: HE Hello Hydration, Aussie Opposites Attract Mousse, GF Triple Nuitrition

Average climate/dew points: humid, dry

Fall/Winter combos: HG products
Spring/Summer combos: HG products, oils

Favorite styling techniques and why: icequeen method (modified), putting product in right side up, scrunching!!!, scrunch n pump, putting product in sections, no touching while drying, removing excess water with paper towels

Techniques that didn’t work and why: super soaker pulled out wave an product, plopping made hair look all wonky and frizzy, diffusing made hair too poofy

Hair Twins: none yet