Doing my second one. Well technically it's my third but the very first one was a Lush bar so for some reason it doesn't feel like a real henna haha, like i still had training wheels on. Same recipe; henna, brewed hibiscus flowers, tea tree oil. Only 300 grams this time. Last time I used 600 lol and mixed mangal and dulhan. I won't be mixing again because if anything goes wrong, I won't know which did it. I will say this though, something about dulhan doesn't seem quite right. I don't trust it, meaning I think it has something added to it to produce a redder tone, or that it simply has vegetable dyes like manic panic uses. My hair looked hella red/burgundy right after i rinsed and has since faded (a week) to typical henna brassy/browny/slightly red. That doesn't seem right. Especially because it is said that one CANNOT achieve a deep red color after just one henna treatment. Also, it took SEVERAL washes for the water to finally run clear after my first day. Also, my hair smelled kinda, metallic after? Like close to my scalp. Didnt have any of those things happen with the lush henna. This time I got Badshah.
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Did you use Dulhan's mehndi henna or mehendi henna? There is a difference. They make a henna for body art (mehndi) and mehendi henna which has different herbs in it to produce a darker result. I hope I got the spelling right on them. I bought mehendi from another brand, Gobrej I think, and I got results similar to your's. It had a real tinny smell that I suspect may be from metallic salts. I was thinking about Dulhan's mehendi because I want browner results and I've only heard good things about this line until your post.