Dames, is it just straight coconut cream that you use? Nothing added to it? Where do you get it from? Thanks!

One other note to whoever is interested in this thread: When I first started out with taking better care of my hair, I had a good strong (though frizzy and dry) 3a spiral pattern on the canopy. Over time, with conditioner only washes, using henna and who knows what hormone changes (I'm 40 next month), my curl pattern has loosened to waves with a few curls in the canopy (my underlayer was always straight). If I want more curl these days, I have to use a curl-enhancing product and finger-coil my hair.
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Yup, you can actually use coconut cream or milk, cream just being the higher concentrate of the two. What I love about it also is that the coconut milk/cream you buy in a can naturally separates from the heavier water and rises to the top, becoming a thick sort of paste you can apply to your hair instead of a liquid. I bought mine in a regular sized soup can for about $4 bucks (CAD) in the first grocery store I went to. If your hair is dry, then contrary to what I said in my earlier post, I would recommend using some oil. When my hair is dry it is very 'fluffy' as it mostly affects the ends that seem to bounce up, while the oil seems to work at moisturizing and keeping those ends down and grouped with the rest of my hair. I tried really hard to find an old picture showing my 3A, frizzy damaged hair to show you the difference in the hair, but I couldn't find one on this computer.
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