Monday I had an appointment at Square Color Salon in Las Vegas with Deva trained stylist Erica Cossio. I must say I liked Erica, probably influenced when the first words she said to me were "You have beautiful hair."

She gave me a haircut. I have read so much about Deva cuts, but the cut was much different from any expectations or preconceptions I may have had. She told me at the outset that the curls would be cut at an angle. The angle was much steeper that I had anticipated. Ouidad cuts are supposed to be more thinning than Deva cuts. Well, my Deva cut was a thinning cut, I lost more hair volume than I expected from the things I have read. At this point, I am not sure whether I will actually continue with Deva cuts. I think it will depend on whether I decide to go for more length. If I decide to try to grow my hair longer, I will continue with Deva cuts, but if I decide to maintain a shorter style, I will probably not continue with them, because if I keep a shorter length, I want to keep my volume, too.

I may post photos in a few days. I wish I could post before/after photos of my curls, but they didn't show up til Saturday, and the appt. was Monday, so I didn't manage to get pics of them.
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