So heres pictures of my hair. It was so funny because after i got my hair cut my mom said " that was such a good call you getting your hair cut" and this whole week she was totally against it. please comment on how you think it looks, and read my blog ^^
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No Idea what to do-hair-cut-side-1.jpg   No Idea what to do-hair-cut-side-2.jpg  
3b hair
normal porosity
medium density
fine/med. strands
Avatar Pic: March 20th 2013

Co wash: Suave,As I am Co-wash, alba drink me up coconut milk Tresmme Nat., Foxy curls cond.
DT: Organics Cholesterol, Tea-tree oil, Hot 6 oil, Carols Daughters Khoret Amen, Tui Oil
LI: ? Vo5 Coconut
Style: Ecostyler (HG?)
Oils: Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Tui Oil GDF395 is worth up to $10.00 off any order by a first-time customer