I am hoping to find some helpful tips here. I do not have curly hair. My husbands family does though. So I had no idea how to handle my daughters curls. Well I *thought* I knew how to handle them...but I think I have destroyed my Daughters once Gorgeous curls.

My Daughter is 6. She started to get curly hair at about 1 when her hair started to grow in. I was So Unsure what to do. So I started to wet her hair down every day. That was working! We had Gorgeous 3A curls for years. Then as preschool and kdg started I would wake her up every single morning to look put together for school and with a Spray Bottle and a Comb (Bad I now know ) I would comb out her hair and spray at the same time to get it soaked and then I would put creme gel in. This worked for a few years and we still had curly hair. But now she is wavy in most parts...2A-2B. Curls still frame around her face. Just all of the other once gorgeous spirals are gone! I cant help but think I have combed them away each and every day combing and wetting her hair which I thought was helpful to then scrunch and put product in. I now feel like I have combed them away.

I just bought the Curly Girl book and I am about to start! Daughter just got a trim.

Any chance I can bring those curlies back that I combed through for years?

Any styling products that are a Must Have?

Thanks so much for reading all of this.

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