I feel like this girl I see everyday is silently fishing for compliments from me for her hair.

The female I work with is getting to be pretty strange about her actions with her hair when around me. There are a few places I have seen her do it, but tonight was just downright irritating because I couldn't make sense of it. Sometimes I wonder if there is a code between black females that I just don't understand.

Tonight it was like this girl was waiting for me to see her toss her hair all over her head... She had used the bathroom and washed her hands and just stood there while I was talking to a friend on the other side about hair. She basically just stood there through our conversation while we were getting dressed. Wasn't doing anything.

Because the mirrors were facing eachother, I could see her around the corner, but I'm not sure if she realized this . Tonight I was actually talking to a friend in the bathroom and she came in on the other side i guess to pee. I am sure she heard us talking about hair (an acquaintance wanted some crotchet braids and we laughed about how that went out of style in 1995). It was comedy! However through the mirrors I saw this girl just standing at the sink, she had looked up at us and just stood there . Well I got dressed and was carrying on with the conversation as I walked out, and as I'm leaving, just as I pass this girl looks at me through the mirror (no joke, I don't think this girl realized I saw her the whole time, waiting) and starts tossing her hair and watching me as I leave! If she had come into the bathroom to "fix" her hair, why did she need to wait until I passed her? She turned her head to watch and everything. Who does that???

Now, mind you she has pretty decent hair. It's not damaged or anything. It's just some medium/long type 3 hair that she puts up and takes down and puts up and takes down all day... I can tell she likes her hair a lot. I like my hair too. I don't wear it out because I'm in a uniform everyday, but I don't care if people don't see it out either. When I used to brush my hair she would see me in the bathroom, and there was one night that she stood there and watched from a distance while I brushed my hair. When I felt her watching me, I looked over, immediately she stopped what she was doing and tossed her hair. Unfortunately it's like everytime I see this girl she is doing the "LOOK AT ME! I HAVE GOOD HAIR! IT'S LONG! I'M TOSSING IT!" thing. I really don't care about her hair, but I am a little concerned that she tries to get me to see it all the time. I wonder if she expects me to be jealous, or if my ignoring her makes her think that I am. I wonder if she thinks I am supposed to hate my hair and melt everytime I see her touch hers... Maybe she wants me to strike up a conversation in response or compliment her. I have no idea what she wants, but it's like every day or so she has to be standing right in front of me, or waiting for me to walk by so she can do the exaggerated hair toss.

Sometimes I want to just ask, "Do you want a cookie? A gold star, maybe?"

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