Hi everyone

Can anyone take a peep at my pics to clarify what type I might be? The ones where my hair looks very black and shiny, like my avatar, are when its wet, so not the best indication maybe.

I thought 3b, but some of you thought otherwise, but when I look at 3a types the curls look a little loose compared with mine...and also, my hairs themselves are the coarsest I have ever seen on a human being. Does the coarseness count?

I'm still not "getting it". I still feel totally clueless about my own hair! *praying for a curl friendly salon to open near me*

Any clues? Also, if any of you think your hair is very similar to mine, AND really really coarse and wiry, can you tell me what products you use? I'm having a nightmare time with products.

Thanks ladies

Liz xx
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz


But then again, too few to mention...