I personally have never had a Ouidad cut, but I would not have one... reason being, I have found all of their products to be so completely useless and bad for my hair, that I can't imagine they could offer a cut that works. Their cleansers are so incredibly drying, their stylers are useless, and their conditioners are not nearly enough for dry, thirsty curls.

The one exception is their botantical boost, if your hair really needs a bit of protein... the rest has proven terrible for me. That said, every curly is different and there have been people who have had success with Ouidad cuts and products. I just get an icky, pushy vibe from the whole company!
My hair: 3b, corkicelli, medium porosity, medium texture, medium/thick density

Co-wash: DevaCurl NoPoo
Rinse-out: GVP Conditioning Balm
Leave-in: KCKT, Suave Naturals Coconut, or my rinse-out!
Gel: SS FHG (my new HG!!)... I also like HESMU, AIF, CJ CQ, BRHG, CJ PP and the occasional LALSG

Likes: Plopping!
Dislikes: Glycerin

CG and loving it!