I love love love tangle teezer brushes for tangles. It's gentler than a comb. I use it on my 2 yo's tangle prone hair and she doesn't complain, unlike with a wide tooth comb.

To minimize damage to hair and curls, either brush before washing (the water will reset the curl), brush when the hair is covered with conditioner, or oil the hair after brushing. Don't brush or comb hair when it's just wet! This is when hair is most fragile and prone to breakage.

Also, oiled hair is less prone to tangles to begin with. I put a drop or two of olive oil on my daughters head whenever it looks a bit frizzy. When I don't keep up with the oil, her hair is much more likely to tangle.

2c/3a-M-ii porous, good elasticity, APL, dark brown with a silver lining. Biggest enemy: frizz!

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