I started the conditioner only (used a low-poo 3 times) method on 6/9/12, and I was wanting to make sure I was doing it right, and if i could get some tips for my hair. I can't spend a whole lot of money, so cheap or around-the-house items are what I am able to use. Oh, and I really want to avoid using heat.

I condition every other day with V05 moisturizing or strengthening conditioner because my hair gets dry easily. I lather a dime sized drop of leave in conditioner in my hair every night to keep it from getting dry.

My curls/waves are very inconsistent throughout my head (crazy, stringy, frizzy curls on bottom, almost flat on top), so I've been trying many products by themselves or combining them in hope of locking in some sort of consistency. Ive tried L.A. Looks Absolute Styling gel, CatWalk CurlsRock Amplifier by TiGi, Hair Play sea salt spray, Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mousse, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted curl boosting mousse, and hairspray. The only one with any sort of promise is the CatWalk product. My hair takes FOREVER (4+ hours wrapped in a regular towel) to dry, (if i let it air dry, it does dry faster, but the frizz monster comes out to attack) so I've been experimenting with the products listed above while sleeping in a French braid in hopes of waking up with dry, consistent curls. What happens is none of the curls stay or are in the least but consistent, and I'm stuck wearing a crazy ponytail. I've tried putting those products in, then wrapping my hair up in a towel, 4 hours later, it is still damp and the curls are all stringy. Does anyone know where to get a cheap, absorbent, hair friendly towel?

I need to find a good product(s) that hold curls without being crunchy (a small, itty bitty bit of crunch is tolerable, but anything more is not desired) and is reasonably cheap. Also, finding a simple routine to either use while I'm sleeping (if I take a shower at night) , or to use in the morning (if I take a shower in the morning) because I don't have a lot of time for elaborate routines.

1. Any tips on managing the frizz if I need to air dry?
2. What are your thoughts on putting curlers in while it dries (with a product or two in), then taking them out when I have to leave?
3. Would you recommend a SIMPLE hair mask or protein treatment for my hair?

It sounds like my hair is a 2c with low porosity (I did the water in the bowl with hair from my brush technique and it didn't sink, but i did the other technique(my hair did have a lot of product in it) and I may(I'm not really sure) have felt some bumps), medium density, maybe medium width, and medium length.

Sorry for writing so much, I am just really desperate, so I appreciate anyone who can answer any or all of my questions and give me tips to manage my hair