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I've been reading loads here on NC and various other sites about hair types, textures, etc.

One of the things that has confused me is that if you have porous hair then you could try protein to help fill in the gaps in the hair shaft. And also if you have coarse hair to avoid protein because coarse hair already has a lot of protein, i.e. it is already very strong.

So does that mean it is impossible to have coarse AND porous hair? I'm just not too sure about my own now!

When I run my fingers UP a strand of my hair it feels rough, and it kinda squeaks too! So does this mean it is porous? In addition to this it also feels quite thick, especially when I compared it to a strand of boyfriend's hair which feels thinner (but not fine). So does that mean it's coarse?

ETA: I just did the strand stretch test on WET hair and it stretched to almost double its length (around 80% by my rough measurements) before snapping.

Please help!

2c/3a thick hair, attempting CG again!

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