Thank you so much for all this information! Do you recommend any coconut oil and argan products that aren't too expensive? And what kind of oil do you use for the PT?
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I haven't tried argan oil (or products with it). Coconut oil my hair loves. I like using it straight up as I mentioned, you can buy coconut oil in grocery stores and health food stores. For coconut oil-containing products, Shea Moisture makes quite a few products with coconut oil. I have their curl & style milk, which is pretty good for my hair (I have to use just a pea-size amount). They make other stylers that have it in there too. You can find Shea Moisture products in Target, Walgreens, and probably many other places too. Their shampoos are awesome, as is their restorative conditioner.

I also tried to add last night (but ate my post) that you shouldn't be too afraid of crunch. If a product dries with crunch in your hair, just scrunch out the crunch (SOTC) once it's completely dry, and you should be left with bouncy soft curls. I like to use Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, which dries with a really hard crunchy hold, but that helps preserve my curls while they air dry. Then when I'm all dry, I SOTC and you would never know I had such a hard hold gel all through my hair. It feels soft to the touch after SOTC.