I was having a terrible problem transition to the weather this year too until recently.

One thing I suggest is that when you decide not to bother styling it, at least leave in some of your conditioner (or add LI after) so that your hair is a little more protected from the elements. Any of us would have puffballs with naked hair in this weather. You might also find that with just a little conditioner, you get some nice curls and less frizz, at least for a while.
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Medium-high density, fine-medium, low-normal porosity, 3b/c, permanent color.
CG, no heat, combs, brushes, parabens.
Fall/Winter HG=Alba Botanica Soft Hold Style Cream.
Spring/Summer HG=MGA Sculpting Gel
Current fave LI=Madre Labs Made by Nature for Baby Conditioner.
Limit oils, butters, glycerin.