I'd like to dye my hair to it's natural color, but how do you determine that? My baby pics I can't tell if it's black or dark brown. Also I recall that as a kid my godmother put sun in in my hair. I can't recall what age she did it but I only remember my hair being a golden brown and I don't know if that's from the sun in or not. I remember my grandma always scolding my Mom for dying my hair an my MOm saying she never did, because it always looked golden brown, but again I'm unsure if that was from the sun in or before it. My mom says my hair is naturally a golden brown but I'm not sure because my roots appear black. As kids in the pool while my hair was soaking wet my friends would tell me that I'd look really pretty with jet black hair bc when it used to dry it would lighten. Again I can't recall if that was from the sun in. Is there a way to determine this?