I can't imagine a client insulting another client! Besides, in 2012, who hasn't seen the entire gamut of curly hair walking around? What an idiot. I love your response.
I personally find myself gazing at all of the textured hair out there now that I have become more attuned to it by going CG and spending a lot of time researching things on this and other sites. I wish I could hand out gel samples. The Causasian ladies are the worst for frizz because they have no training in handling their hair!! Oil-free? BS!
3A, non-porous, protein-sensitive

So far I like:

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny shampoo and conditioner
Curl Junkie Deep Fix and Curl Rehab
Bonacure Rescue Repair shampoo and conditioner--not sure I like the new formula
L'Oreal sulfate-free shampoos
Ouidad Curl Quencher Shampoo (but not conditioner)

One and Only Argan Oil spiked with some 100% argan oil
MOP Leave-In conditioner
Unite 7Seconds condition (leave in/detangler)

I think the shampoo makes or breaks the entire thing...