It's taken a couple years--and god knows how much money spent on dozens of products--but I have finally come to terms with the fact that my hair is really and truly wavy....and not curly. I was in denial for a long time, especially after reading so many stories about people with "wavy" hair switching to a CG routine and poof! they had curls are popping out all over the place. I thought if I just tried long enough and found the right product I too could have pretty, even spirals all over my head. But the fact of the matter is that is just not my hair. My hair has waves, and uneven waves at that. There are patches that just want to be straight. There are even patches that alternate between swirling clockwise and counterclockwise resulting in more of a "bend" than a real spiral. I can--if I really load my hair up with gobs of strong gel and diffuse upside down till the cows come home--get it to be more "curly" for a short while, but the chunks always go limp after a couple of hours and start to look very unnatural. I've now found that my style holds up a lot better if I encourage it to go more towards a natural state, which does involve some degree of fluffiness and stringiness. It's been hard to embrace those traits, because that doesn't seem to be generally what people aim for when they let their hair be "natural." It also seems like a lot of specialty curly lines really cater more towards those with curlier hair, hence all of the pictures of women with loads of individually defined spirals. But the point of me beginning the CG journey in the first place was to finally be able to let my real hair shine, not to try to force it to be something it's not, whether that be straight or curly for that matter. I'm posting a picture--sorry it's a little blurry but I think you all can still see it well enough--from a good "wavy" day. Parts of it are stringy, parts of it are undefined, but I still love it :-). To all of you with uneven wavy hair, your hair is beautiful too! And don't you ever think otherwise.
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