Thanks for posting this. I've only been Cg since April and I think I'm still coming to terms with just being wavy. My hair, like yours curls up a lot more in the front and stays limpet or fluffier I the back. I've been dying to get my air to curl in the back threat it does in the front, but it just isnt happening. Your post makes me want to try and love it anyway
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Yes!!! You absolutely should :-). I will admit though that I'm currently in the process of growing it out because I've found the back maintains a wave better if it's past my shoulders. The top of the back of my head never stays wavy though. I can temporarily get it to curl if I scrunch in a ton of gel and diffuse upside down, but it always falls straight midway through the day. I think my hair is just too fine and there's too much of it piled on top of itself to support the pattern in the back.