For me anyway, when I need to tweak the moisture-protein balance, I start with increasing moisture and look at the results and then adjust from there with adding protein if need be. I've had a lot of success with doing deep conditioning treatments with a heat cap on a regular basis (once every one or two weeks).

I'm not familiar with the shampoo you're using -- Just bringing that up to rule out whether there's a problem with any product buildup. I find that when my hair starts acting up, a baking soda wash (baso + conditioner) followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse clarifies buildup and helps my curls really pop.

Also, what styling techniques are you using? Have you played around with what you're physically doing with your hair when styling it? It can make a difference in how your curls come out (It makes a difference with mine anyway).

I know it can feel frustrating, but stay with it. You'll definitely figure out what's up. Actually that reminds me of one more thing -- Just a little after I first went with letting my natural curls do their natural thing, I started a daily hair journal to note EVERYTHING I was using on my hair, what I was doing to style it, what the dew points were, how my hair looked in the morning and then hours later. It helped a LOT with my natural hair learning curve. I'm now pretty familiar with my hair, so I don't really keep up with my hair journal -- EXCEPT for occasions from time to time when my hair is acting funky for unknown reasons or when I want to experiment with something really new and different. When that happens, I pull out my hair journal and keep notes daily for as long as it takes me to figure out what's up. Again, it helps me zero in on what to tweak, and I feel I can get back on track much faster.

HTH. Good luck!
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