I guess I'm lucky because I love my curly hair and I never get any negative compliments at school. In fact, I get compliments all the time. People seem to love curly hair where I'm from. Not very many people in my grade wear their hair naturally curly but tons of people curl their hair with curling irons which is not even close to the same thing as curly hair in my opinion. At girl's state I made a new friend who had crazy insane curly hair (she had even had it chemically straightened and it was still very curly) and everyone loved her hair there. She said that she got so many compliments at girl's state. At my high school everyone always asks me if my hair is naturally curly and they are usually jealous. I think people around here love curly hair but those who do have curly or wavy hair just don't want to take the effort to do it. I do think curly hair is unappreciated but I don't have any problems where I live.