I have hair that's a little longer than my shoulders; it's unruly and hard to manage. The photo attached is my hair on one of its good days. It's always frizzy and putting products on it makes it greasy.
I'm seriously considering getting a pixie cut for a change and for something easier.
Will the 3b curls be straight when short or will they just become tighter ringlets? Do you have any advice on mousses/hairsprays/products to use that can make my hair easy to manage when cut short?Has anybody had a successful pixie cut with hair like mine?
I don't want anything that'll turn out to be an afro, or that'll be poofy. When my hair is long the top is rather straight/wavy because it's weighted down: when short, if combed or moussed, will it still curl in ringlets or will they just flick up?
Help much appreciated
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