Haha never mind being asked if your mixed. Ive been asked if Im adopted o_O. I think its the combination of my tallness (Im 5'10 and taller than both my parents and my sister) and my hair. Both my parents have straight hair and so does my sister. But I have the same facial features as my family (My Mom's blue eyes, My Dad's nose, my sisters complexion) yet people are still ignorant enough to asume that Im adopted or mixed because I have curly hair. Its not the idea of being mixed or adopted that pisses me off. Its that people believe I can't be white and have curly hair. Or that I should have every single feature my family does.

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2c/3a mix. Low Porosity, Coarse, Mid-back length when curly, Mod CG, Loreal Eversleek: Sulfate/ Silicone free Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep conditioner (Weekly), Leave in Conditioner, Frizz Serum,
Garnier Frutcus Pure Clean: Gel and Frizz control.Live clean Exotic Necter Argan oil spray regularly.

I alternate use of products and use both Shampoo and Conditioner daily. Have been mod- CG for approx. 5 months. Straighten aprox once every 2 weeks. Thinking of going full CG.