just did my first PT. Standard gelatin with like a 1/4tsp honey. used my Tres. Naturals after for a quick RO. Hair is still wet. so i'll just have to see what happens.
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My hair is dry now and feels SUPER soft. I've also noticed significantly less frizz some good clumping. All that is in my hair currently is a pea sized amount of catwalk honey and oatmeal conditioner on my ends (they were really dry before PT). I have high hopes for my hair in the morning. This is my week 3 of a modified CG. my roots are def doing something weird. (oily/over conditioned/no clue). Looking forward to everything evening its self out. i just want a little more consistency in my pattern.

started CG on 6/25/12.
  • 2c with a strait underneath
  • normal elasticity on top, none on the underneath
  • Fine side of Normal
  • Thick hair
  • Poriosity is a mystery. I think its all over the place.