Day 7 of Level 1.

I can't believe I'll be at Level 2 already after 3 days. I don't really feel prepared for it... Oh well, my goal was to move onto the next level after 10 days so I'm going to stick to it.

Please no push-ups in Level 2...Please no push-ups in Level 2...Please... Please... Please...

Ovulating sucks for me. Most people don't notice ovulation, but mine is worse than my period.

I feel fat, and bloated and tired.

I've eaten under 1300 calories for the past 3 days. I feel very unmotivated and frustrated. I should be seeing more results with low calorie intake and exercise.

I'm feeling let down today.

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Originally Posted by iroc
Awww, Iroc! I'm sorry. Bloating sucks. It's no fair!

You may be having results but the bloating is just covering it up. Or, it could be that the results are so gradual that it's hard too really see. (Hence people taking before and after pics so they have a side by side comparison)

I was thinking it also could be that "starvation mode" thing with taking in only 1300 calories. Weren't Spring1onu and SilverCurls talking about that earlier?

You're over halfway finished with the 30 days, right? You can do this! I bet you'll be so proud of yourself when it's all said and done.