I started experiencing adult hormonal acne in November 2011. I tried everything but nothing worked till now. Finally went to the dermatologist 6 Weeks ago June 2012, and was given Tretinoin cream 0.025%. This is a retin A cream.
I am impressed with the result and hope that this can help someone going through this.

Here are my day 1 and week 6 results

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very nice results in 6 weeks. did you make any other changes?

re: diet and acne connection we're just in 2 camps on this board. i do believe diet effects my skin. the other stuff (i.e. topicals) not doubt help a lot but i have seen time and time again that dairy makes me break out. dairy also makes my stomach crampy, makes me gasey and also makes me produce more mucus. it's shown that dairy has a lot of hormones and antibiotics in it and i personally (luvmylocs) am more susceptible. i think it's like anything else, some peoples body's are more sensitive to certain things. for example, some people smoke for years and never get lung or other cancers and some never smoke and get lung cancer. that doesn't mean that smoking doesn't cause many people to have a higher risk of having lung cancer. same way with food, some people can eat "anything" and never gain weight and some can just look at a twinkie and gain 5 lbs. i believe anyone suffering from acne should at least consider their diet as part of a holistic approach to getting rid of acne and keeping their skin clear.
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