So I have fine hair that is color treated. So, it is safe to assume PT would be a good thing. I did the gelatin recipe from here. My hair FEELS amazing. But my waves got weaker.

OK, here is my hair a couple of days before the PT....

It wasn't completely dry yet, but it stayed pretty wavy. Was slightly greasy looking...but I think I was detoxing b/c I am new to CG.

Here is my hair today (a few days after PT), and I wash/fixed my hair exactly the same way.

Isn't a PT supposed to enhance wave/curl? Is it b/c I am still new to CG? How often should I keep PT? Does it take more than one treatment to see curl improvement?

I thought my hair was 2b, but it looks more 2a today.....

I am using VO5 lime kiwi to cow ash, and now the Suave for LI and RO. I was trying to see if the GF I have was weighing it down....but I don't think it was.

Any advice/tips?
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