I'm not offended by it, "nappy" doesn't mean "tangled/matted" to me (although nappy hair can be tangled/matted), and whether or not someone calls your hair nappy to your face, or in their head, they will associate whatever they will with the word, and if it happens to be your hair, what will you do? A "loc", for instance, is indeed...tangled, matted hair, so...where do we go with that?

I will never call someone else's hair "nappy" to their face, because I understand how many feel about the word. But that does not change my perception of what I'm actually looking at. I will think what I will about my hair, your hair, etc. So, it's best to not get too caught up in what others think, and know that education is only good for those who want to learn.

"Rude" is rude, and lots of people are rude...they've not been socialized well, so they say things without thinking. But out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks...so they're just sharing what they really feel, regardless of how ignorant it may sound. They may mention that they can't be natural, because they have that "sho nuff nappy stuff", not realizing that your hair is often very similar to/just like theirs - it's just well taken care of, or/and in a manipulated state which makes the hair "look" a certain way.

What DOES burn me up is when people claim it's just like the "N word", and start talking about slave masters and how "black people need to stop referring to themselves like....", etc. That's when I walk away.
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