Nappy to me means unkept but it doesn't bother me. What bothers the coonads out of me is fuzzy. When I was little when ever my hair frizzed (which was often in the summer dispute relaxers) my cousins would gather around me and sing fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had big hair.

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That's a good point. I, for the longest viewed "nappy" hair as just unkempt hair. Hair that was matted and tangled and really dry (my perception has since changed btw) ...but then Ninjette (sp) brings up a good point. What would locs be considered then?

I wonder if the majority of the black community views "nappy" hair as simply dry unkempt hair or just kinky hair. If someone with moisturized 4b thick hair is rocking a wash n go, would it be considered "nappy" versus a woman with 3b dry/tangled/matted hair?

I have a friend, who's always talking about good hair this and good hair that. Bad hair/nappy hair this and nappy hair that so thats why I brought up the subject. I find men are more obsessed with hair then we think as well (waves vs no waves).

I also have met people who by default associate nappy hair with dark skin. So for example, a multiracial woman with kinky hair, can wear her hair naturally and it be considered "exotic" and "curly" while a darker skinned woman with the same curl pattern and texture would be considered "nappy".

Its just interesting how the word is so maligned in our community but so many people have drastically different takes on it.