I feel for Scott. And I was glad that Khloe spoke up and said Kourtney is as much to blame. But I do think that some of their relationship drama is made for TV.
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It was proven awhile ago that a lot of the drama is manufactured by the producers and the cast. I wanna say it was around the time Kim was having her wedding and someone leaked a tape of one of the producers asking Kourtney and Scott to talk about how much seeing Kim get married makes them rethink getting married.

There have been other times where they were proven to be fakes also. There apparently was an episode where Kim and Kris(mom) went to Dubai and while riding around started discussing her marriage to Kris Humphries. The paparazzi caught them leaving a Hollywood studio with clothes in hand that was used in the scene after having filmed the scene in the back of a parked car.

That entire family rubs me the wrong way.