I've been doing the CG stuff since about last October or so, still not really happy with it. I stopped using all the products I was using and now use just the TreSemme Naturals conditioner but my hair still doesn't look as good as it used to.

I used to use the TreSemme curly hair line of stuff (mostly the conditioner and sometimes mousse, gel/creme very rarely) but my favorite product was that Suave for Kids Awesome Apple detangler. Smelled spectacular and I could actually get a comb through my hair... I tried several, this was the best thing I had ever found. This finger combing and using a comb in the shower isn't cutting it I don't think. I once had a stylist tell me I need to brush the bottom inch or so of my hair and then comb it, I used to do that as well after spraying tons of that detangler on and it helped immensely. I've never been able to comb in the shower, always needed to get that detangler all over it before I could get in there.

Part of the problem I know is that it's SUPER humid here in College Station, and the other part is I have to have it tied back really often with my internship and when I'm working out or playing sports every day. I guess I'm just really not sure what to do with it. Is there a quality detangler I can get without silicones? Or what do people recommend I do? Some other products or anything? I tried putting more of the Naturals conditioner in as a leave-in like people have suggested and it was pretty disgusting. I could feel it on there all day, grossed me out.

Some pics:
Before 1
Before 2
Before 3
Now 1 (This one was on an exceptionally bad day, not usually that bad)
Now 2 (today, still a bit wet)