I'm not offended by it, "nappy" doesn't mean "tangled/matted" to me (although nappy hair can be tangled/matted), and whether or not someone calls your hair nappy to your face, or in their head, they will associate whatever they will with the word, and if it happens to be your hair, what will you do? A "loc", for instance, is indeed...tangled, matted hair, so...where do we go with that?
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Loc hair is nappy hair to me. It's exactly what I described in my previous post: very tangled and uncombed hair. I personally don't associate locs with negativity though. Depends on how the person maintains them..some look great and some look bad. For instance when Lisa Bonet had hers.. I hated them because it look like she put no effort into them at all. But I LOVED T.C. Carson's ( Kyle Barker from Living Single) locs and Booker T's locs from the WWE are real nice. Always look good and moisturized.

That's where I go with it. LOL!