But every since I can recall I've always heard the term "nappy" be used negatively. I honestly believe that is still how the majority of people see the

I also think there is a difference in the term "nappy" and "kinky". When I was growing up "nappy" meant hair that is very tangled and is uncombed and was always seen as bad. Kinky just meant hair that is either naturally tightly coiled or highly textured hair that isn't curly or wavy. Given, depending on the person the term "kinky" could be perceived as good or bad. But "nappy" was always negative period..didn't matter what kind of hair it was referring to at all.
Originally Posted by *Marah*
I'm not crazy about kinky either. For some reason to me it makes it sound like something is wrong with that hair. It doesn't hit the nerve that nappy does, but. I'm not sure. Just doesn't sound like a compliment. Even the term "kinky curly" irks me. I'm like have several friggin seats, it's just CURLY!!

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Originally Posted by BlackAngelPlayah
Eh.. Kinky and Kinky Curly just describes very tightly coiled hair to me and I don't neccessarily see it as an automatic insult. Kinky hair isn't always "curly". I think some people associate it (the term Kinky) with negativity because some people feel it's synonymous with "nappy" which is often seen as negative. I personally refer to certain hair typesr as kinky and I definitely don't mean it as any insult.

For me personally, I think it really depends on how it's said and why.
Originally Posted by *Marah*

Yep...cuz sometimes we use terms to help "soften the blow" (our hair's natural look/properties offend us), so we can deal a bit better. Hey, whatever helps and I'm not calling out anyone here...I'm making a general statement, from what I know from living and listening to folks. Just observations.

"Kinky hair is just very CURLY hair" or "Wavy hair is just looser CURLY hair", or, "Straight hair is just CURLY hair that's lost its curl!!!". Meh...whatever

Again, to thine own self be true...don't fool yourself. Me and the rest don't matter.
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