Yea, her response was good. If her shea butter was contaminated, she should really recall ALL the creams that she made with that batch of Shea, rather than wait for people to report that it went bad. If the shea was contaminated, the cream IS contaminated. All the creams are compromised and should not be used. I hope she has a QC system in place.

lol at CK's "Love is not enough"
Originally Posted by coilynapp
That is true. I've yet to see anybody do that, because it's costly. The big dawgs can do that..and their quality control is tighter.

That's why people should use bar coding, to keep track of what jars come from what product batches. (I'm sleepy, ya'll so forgive me if I'm not making sense...). That way, if you ever get a report of a faulty jar/bottle of product, you can know exactly when it was made, and how much you made, and wha ingredients were used to make it.

I'm going to bed. Goodnite...
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