I'd like to do a roller set which leaves some curl in my hair but it tends to come out looking very old fashioned. Does anyone do a roller set that they tousle or somehow make it look more "messy" for a more modern look?

Do you place the rollers differently? Maybe in different directions? Or use different size rollers? Or not brush out the curls, just run your fingers through? I'll try out any technique but I'd love some input.

When I wear my hair curly it looks too messy - when I do a roller set it looks too "set" and old fashioned. don't want to use a curling iron or flat iron - I can use a diffuser.

Anyone with ideas, please chime in.
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I think you just have to play with it. When I want a smoother look, with some curl at the ends, I use big hot rollers. Usually I'll put them in second day hair,brush the hair out first and roll the center top towards the back, the back ones downward, the side ones downward. I take them out and lightly finger comb, then use some hairspray.

I think it takes some experimenting to get it to your liking. There are tons of sizes of rollers, you can do pincurl sets, bendy rods, etc. Practice practice.