Nappy to me means unkept but it doesn't bother me. What bothers the coonads out of me is fuzzy. When I was little when ever my hair frizzed (which was often in the summer dispute relaxers) my cousins would gather around me and sing fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had big hair.

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I also have met people who by default associate nappy hair with dark skin. So for example, a multiracial woman with kinky hair, can wear her hair naturally and it be considered "exotic" and "curly" while a darker skinned woman with the same curl pattern and texture would be considered "nappy".

Its just interesting how the word is so maligned in our community but so many people have drastically different takes on it.
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I notice that too. It's very strange and very unfair. I've seen dark skinned people with WAAAAAY silkier/bigger curls than mine. Plus I've seen biracial (black/white) with some hair that would be considered "nappy".

People need to get a dang grip and come out of 1860. (Even ME. Who can't get behind nappy as positive. )

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