Heres a picture from a month ago, no product:

This is what it looks like after using chi silk:

So i am fifteen years old, and all my life i have had to deal with terrible hair. Right now, its color treated, and about to my mid-back. My mom has wavy thick hair, my dad has thick straight hair, and my sister has thick beach wavy hair that grew 12" this year. I have been trying to find a solution to taming/defining my hair, and for the past 4 years, have had no luck. I was disappointed coming to this site, as i cant even identify my hair type.

My hair:
-somewhat kinky
-breaks all the time
-falls out continuously
-takes an hour to blow dry
-takes about 3 hours to air dry
-scrunches frizzy
-somewhat/very thin
-grows literally about 3 inches/year

I have tried:
-John Freida
-not your mothers
-herbal essences
and sooo many more

i would normally use 5+ different products at night, let it dry in my sleep, in the morning curl my hair with a jose eber wand, and use paul mitchell hair spray. Although it worked well, it took a total of about an hour. Straightening takes about an hour or two as well.

I just want some help. I am so desperate. It has gotten to a point where I decline plans because i wont have enough time to do my hair. I cant go swimming, because im afraid my hair will get wet. It is without a doubt my biggest insecurity, and it has brought me to tears numerous times. Im hopeless, and i have run out of options.

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