Yay! I hope you have fun in Portland!
Ooh try the As I Am leave in. I've been using it for 3days straight and I've really been loving it. Their butter cream is good too. Unless ur hair can't handle heavy butters

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Thanks for the quick reply! I stood in Sally's for so long, and tried to look up reviews of every product that seemed interesting while there (Mixed Silk, GVP, Nothing but curls, Mixed... something, Silk something, Curls) but ended up leaving and going to Target. I saw rave reviews of the Cantu Shea Butter leave-in, and I'm loving it so far! Next time I go to Sally's I'll take a whiff of the As I Am!

Our Portland trip wasn't just a "trip." We stayed with someone a few hours from here (or at their house, while they were out of town) while Seth looked for a job... And a week later, we got a place to live up in Portland. We don't know ANYONE, but we're really... excited. So much has happened, with like no money. We just left.
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