I think your hair would be very big and poofy if you went short. I think you should keep length to weigh it down a bit. Plus your hair is beautiful!

Too much conditioning, and product isn't for me either. I don't know if you're going the highly natural route (which does mean putting up with a little more frizz), but using a shampoo with a lighter silicone further down on the ingredients list like Dove, or the new Clear Scalp. For products, I personally can't stand feeling producty in my hair. Regular Aloe Vera is good for light hold, CurlKeeper is good if you can buy stuff online (though there's a trick to using it), and I like the new Clear Scalp Shea moisture scalp oil. You can only use a little, but its smoothing and not heavy and although it contains mineral oil, there's no cones.

Good luck!

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