So I have made the decision to colour my natural hair for the first time, from a dark brown to a medium brown, maybe with some honey highlights. My problem is that I am having a hard time deciding if I want an all-over color, highlights, both, and which shade(s) to choose. I want to keep it natural-looking and I prefer the look of all-over color, but I don't know if I have the desire (or $) to keep getting root touch-ups.

I picked up some dye and developer from Sally's and did a few strand tests and the results were hardly noticeable, so I figure I should go to a salon since I really don't know what I'm doing, or how to do it.

I've checked the naturally curly hair galleries, but I'm still searching for *exactly* what I want, and would really love to see more pictures specifically of 3c's with color/highlights, to give to my colorist, so please post your pictures!